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2022 Build Season


With the return of in-person school, our team was able to come back on campus and build a robot for this season! Our team has worked hard strategizing, designing, and assembling our robot since the start of 2022 season. Each of our sub-teams have been doing their part to benefit the team.


With the upcoming competitions approaching, our business team worked to complete the Chairman's essay and presentation. Simultaneously, they planned and organized outreach events at places such as WOW Science Museum, Kiddy Club Daycare, and Pleasant Grove Elementary. In addition, due to the constraints of certain COVID protocols, we were unable to attend certain elementary schools to demo such as Edna Batey Elementary. Our team did virtual demonstrations over Zoom in order to continue doing outreach. They also continue reaching out to old and new sponsors as well as set up fundraisers in order to raise more money for team expenses.  

We also attended the off-season FRC Competition Madtown Throwdown (Madera, CA), where we finished in fifth place out of 25 robots that competed on the field. The Capital City Classic off-season event that Team 2073 EagleForce co-sponsors was unfortunately canceled due to school district restrictions, but we were still able to participate at the Madtown Throwdown offseason event in November. The 2022 Season is approaching soon, and our team is gearing up for the competition!

EagleForce Pits at 2021 Madtown Throwdown
Our Owl's climber in action!

For more details about our robot's performance, check out The Blue Alliance to see the Madtown Throwdown 2021 event results and our personal stats page

Final Ranking: 5th

Alliance Seed: 4th (Captain)

Alliance Partners: 

  • Team 1678 Citrus Circuits (robot 1678D)

  • Team 4255 RoboDores

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