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Inspiring Future Generations
with STEAM


Outreach into our communities is at the very heart of our team. We aim to bring the knowledge and skills we have gained in robotics to not only our fellow students, but to our surrounding communities as well.

We demonstrate our robot at local elementary schools and community events to spread the word about FIRST robotics and encourage more of today’s youth to pursue STEAM careers.

For a more engaging STEAM experience, we also provide LinkBots and VEX Robots for EagleReach participants to interact with to learn more about what robotics can make possible. 

EagleCourse Robotics

EagleCourse is a series of workshops that we host for young kids to promote STEAM in an educational setting. The platforms used during these workshops vary between Arduino electronics and VEX IQ kits. Across both platforms, our EagleCourse students receive instructions and guidance from EagleForce student counselors to learn different aspects of STEAM. 

An EagleForce student guiding an EagleCourse student


Our Owl's climber in action!

In addition to inspiring and teaching young kids about STEAM, we also give them EagleKits so they can bring the hands-on fun of STEAM home. These kits contain instructions for a couple STEAM-related activities, as well as most of the supplies that kids would need to complete those activities. 


With EagleAssist, we work on projects that help kids in our community. Our biggest project was a collaboration with Go Baby Go to modify ride-on vehicles for young children with disabilities. We apply the skills learned from being on the team to real-world applications that benefit our community. 

Go Baby Go
A toy car that we adapted for a student in our school district

EagleReach Inquiries

We are always excited about partnering up with other groups and organizations to further inspire the next generations of leaders in science and technology! 

Whether you'd like to team up with us on an outreach project or feature our team at your event, follow the steps below to start a collaboration:

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Check out what outreach projects and events we've done in the past to get an idea of what we typically do:

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Fill out our EagleReach Inquiry form with information about your project or event and we will be in touch!

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We would be happy to meet with you to chat more! 

In the meantime, follow us to keep up to date on our activities:

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