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Our Sponsors


Siemens Mobility, Inc. has supported our team annually for more than a decade and continues to be a bedrock member of our platform of patrons. We are extremely grateful to Siemens of Sacramento, CA for being the heart of our success. 

The ECMC Foundation has helped our team with grant funding in the last few years that has been instrumental in expanding our technical expertise and outreach efforts within our community.


We are so thankful to Closing the Gap for sponsoring us! They joined our family of sponsors in early 2023. Their contribution will help us continue our mission and team operations!

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iBridge joined our family of sponsors in 2022. Their generous grant funds have allowed us to improve our proficiency with new technologies to develop the build quality of our robotics.

The Teichert Foundation joined our family of sponsors in 2022. We are so glad for their generous support to our team. Their donation will help our team work through the next build season!


The Bayer Fund has joined our family of sponsors in the summer of 2022. We are so grateful for their support that will help manufacture our 2023 robot!


Thank you to Delegata for their support! They joined our family of sponsors in early 2023. We are very grateful to their contribution and their help will improve our build season!

Thank you to Andrew Mauck and Judy Peck for their generous donations to help offset costs for our team at the World Championship! 

Andrew Mauck

Judy Peck, MD
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In-Kind Donations


Special Thanks to Our EagleForce Families

The Stephenson Family
Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship Inquiries

We welcome and appreciate all donation amounts; we also accept in-kind donations of any services, materials, and shop tools and supplies that our team can use. 

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we qualify for company and volunteer matching programs and all contributions to us are tax deductible. 

Click here for a quick view of how we recognize our generous sponsors!

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View our 2023 Sponsorship Proposal for a snapshot of our past accomplishments, future plans for the upcoming season, and how we recognize our sponsors.

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Fill out our Sponsorship Inquiry form to let us know you're interested in supporting our program and we will be in touch!

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We would be happy to meet with you and/or your organization to chat more! 

In the meantime, follow us to keep up to date on our activities:

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